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Certified Makeup Artist Program "I have been assisted with whatever I needed to get makeup classes. "

Licensed Esthetician Program - "All the staff are helping a lot, letting me do what I need to complete all my credits. Helping me finding a place to do my internship, and being there for any questions that I have. Thank you so much!."

Acheived Your Goals? "Yes, I did acheive my goals and absolutely recommend this school"

Melissa G. B. - March 2019 VBEMS Graduate

Certified Makeup Artist Program "It's help(ed) me with advance and basic."

Licensed Esthetician Program "Microderm, microneedling, makeup, peel, waxing, body wrap."

Acheived Your Goals? "Yes I did and will recommend to future professionals"

Jessica A.- March 2019 VBEMS Graduate

Certified Makeup Artist Program "The makeup program showed me how to act, dress, and perform as a professional makeup artist. I know how to apply makeup on all skin types and what types of makeup will or will not work with all skin types. I now feel confident bringing out the beauty in anyone"

Licensed Esthetician Program "I loved the esthetics program! It helped me not only grow my passion for the industry, but my confidence as well. knowledge is power, but combine that with passion and you have a power house!

Acheived Your Goals? "Yes, I acheived my goals. I would recommend this school"

Jillian S. - August 2018 VBEMS Graduate

Certified Makeup Artist Program "I actually learned how to do makeup. From knowing how to apply product on different areas of the face to knowing what brush to use as well for different skin areas. As I continue practicing I know I can be a great MUA. I learned a lot of skills & about basic knowledge for makeup."

Acheived Your Goals? "Yes, I actually know how to apply makeup. I would recommend anyone who is a beginner" 

Diamond F. - March 2019 VBEMS Graduate

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